In simple words, this is an overspend. Imagine that you have a VTB card with a limit of 10 thousand rubles, but you have exhausted all of them and are waiting for your salary to pay off the debt dumpsandpinsby the 30th. But on the 25th, your refrigerator broke down, and you will not be able to live comfortably without it. You can withdraw more than 5 thousand rubles and pay for the services of a repair master. The issue amount, interest rates, repayment terms and penalties are individual for each Bank.

Overdraft is a consonant word with overnight, which is relevant when you study what a Deposit is in a Bank or a broker’s Depository. But the bitcoincvvdifference between them is that in the latter case, you give your funds to a financial organization for one night and get a small percentage of profit for it.

Credit card overdraft